May 21, 2020 Newsletter


I hope all of you are well and healthy during this time.  We are well on our way to reopening.  Bravo to Governor Brian Kemp and his bold move to layout strategy to reopening.  There have been many positives for Georgia as a leader for the other states.   Since the opening, there has not been a spike in new cases.  There are some expected increases as more testing becomes available.  However, overall the  new cases are decreasing according the The Institute of Health and Measurement Evaluations, IHME.  While we will continue to practice social distancing and hand washing, it is good to get back to some of our normal routines.

 Its going so well the Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said, “It’s not as bad as I thought”.  This was in response to Brian Williams on MSNBC when he asked if she would admit she was wrong about Governor Kemp’s  reopening strategy.  She was a major critic of the reopening plans.

Vice President Pence will visit Georgia tomorrow 5/22/2020 to discuss the reopening.

 In sad news, our meeting place, THE GREATER GOOD BBQ in Tucker has become a casualty of the COVID-19 lockdown.  The Greater Good was very good to us during our time of meeting there.   This leaves us looking for a place to meet when we start up in the fall.   Please contact our First Vice President, Shawn Perkins if you know of any place suitable for our meetings. Also, feel free to ring me or email me with questions and suggestions.

Felice Pete- 919-414-2241
Shawn Perkins

In our fight to save our beloved Georgia and the republic of these United States of America,  please use your vast influence to  inform others.  Remember that our mission as a federated Republican Women’s club is  to lead and educate women about politics and civics. We can help by getting  an American to register to  vote.

We are fighting for the existence of the republic and the American way of life.  The Chinese Communist Party has done great damage to our way of life and culture.  And yes, I blame them for the delay in response to the Covid-19 virus.  I also blame the media and the government administrative state for picking the side of the communist party response over the American response.  The media and academia have continued to pile on our President.  He’s been calling out the poor manufacturing issues in America due to everything going to China.  I believe there is only one person who is prepared and can lead us through the coming issues with China and that is Donald Trump.

The Administrative state of BIG GOVERNMENT has failed us.  We knew it would.  It is time for us to be resilient  and battle ready.  There is a truth and there is noise.   The noise is all the misinformation from the media.    We have a message to lead our country out of this.   We the people, we the republican women are armed with the information and the healthy skepticism of government.  I want all of you to take some time to think about the change in freedom and liberty.  Think about  who has done this.  Its the CCP, the willing members of academia, government, and global companies to make money and gain power.  It is all about control.  I am ready to fight to elect republicans in our local elections, congressional members and re-elect Donald Trump.     The Best Is Yet to Come – Trump

I hope that you have been keeping up with the DeKalb County Breakfasts on Zoom conference.  Visit the DeKalb County GOP website for more information.

I hope to see you all soon.  I am currently at our beach home in Hatteras, NC celebrating my birthday.  I miss seeing your faces.   

Inform. Ignite. Win 

Felice Pete, President

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