April 25, 2020 Newsletter

 It has been a while since we have  visited.   I hope all of you are well.    It seems that Georgia will be gradually opening  up some  businesses in the coming week.  This will slowly get us back to normal.   We pray for and support Governor Kemp as he navigates the process.  

 President Trump has been great under pressure  during this time.  The media has not learned its lessons of 2016.  They still attack the president and the Republican voters.  He has been bold for America which is why he is hated.  It has been on display in the media and at each press conference. 

There has been some great new on the local front of politics.  If you have not seen  GA 91 Rep. Vernon Jones video statement, I encourage you to look it up.  It is full of hope and courage.  He actually has backed President Trump.  He tweeted #MAGA.  I think his party will not allow him to stay but he is fighting.   I tweeted him an invite to join our side.  See the link below.

Also, Michigan representative Karen Whitsett who thanked President Trump for  suggesting hydroxycholriquine, is possibly being censured and removed from the Democrat party.  Whitest serves in Rep. Rashida Talib’s district.  She
has been slandered and attacked.   
See the link below. 



I know we are going through a tough time in the country.  I highlight these examples to show you that the democrats  never stop trying to push their agenda.   We have seen it with these  financial bills.  They can not win on their ideas so they push their agenda in bills and through the courts.   

We have a true enemy.  That enemy is the Chinese Communist Party. I think we are seeing people change their minds on the way they think about globalism.   I think it is good to see. 


We are winning.  We knew the fight for the republic would not be easy.  We will continue to fight for the truth.  The sell outs of America will be found.  We have been sold out of our  citizens rights by politicians, media and business leaders.  We will know their names soon enough.  Thank God we have a leader in President Trump that has consistent on the topic of losing America.  #MAGA

Lastly, there were virtual district  conventions on April 18. Some others will be held on May 2.  The order from the state party in conjunction with the Republican National Committee, wanted the district committees  to be seated as delegates for their conventions.  The executive  committees will go on to  hear the slate of national delegates for each district.  I am a member of the 6th district committee along with member Shawn Perkins.  We will be on the virtual May 2 meeting and will give you any updates.   If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.   I will attempt to get you answers.   

Stay safe and I hope to see you soon .    We are strong.  

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